Stray Light Media, Inc was founded in 1999 by Greg Locke to offer services beyond the creation of photography and video for his clients. We brought together professionals in various media, creative, logistics and information technology fields to produce various imaging and visual communications products. Our first project was the digitization of 10,000 colour transparencies and creation of a searchable and visual database for and energy resources company.  Stray Light has since grown to produce hundreds of projects in analogue and digital formats in more thirty countries around the world. We have produced photography, video, books, writing, visual databases, websites, interactive multimedia, documentary film, for print, online, CD-ROM and broadcast media.
Our clients come from the news media, energy, transportation, advertising, exploration, NGO, marine, aviation and international aid sectors. They include Chevron, Statoil, East Port Properties, Medecins sans Frontiers, HD Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Reuters, Parks Canada, Rogers Communications, Newfoundland Historic Trust, Hibernia MDC, Mobil Oil, McClelland and Stewart Canada, International Committee of the Red Cross,  CNN Parts Unknown,

Our crews are trained, experienced and specialized in high risk, harsh environment, industrial installations and remote location photography and video production.
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Stray Light Media also operates a group of online media properties. They include,

The Informal Academic ….classical reception in a post modern world